Russia-Ukraine issue and Poland Missile crisis become key issues at G20

A lot has been happening in the global scenario since the war between Russia and Ukraine. India made its mark in the G20 summit organized in Bali by pointing out all the problems that needed immediate response at the world stage.

This year, Indonesia has hosted the 17th meeting of G20 on ...

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Kharge takes up the baton, Rahul Gandhi in suspense

Congress is amongst one of the oldest and well known political parties in India. It started with an ideology of Gandhi ji and after independence also, successors of the Gandhian family have tried to carry forward the legacy set by Gandhian principles.

After independence, it's been 75 year...

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Did the US create leaks in the Russian pipeline?

Russia is one of the biggest suppliers of oil and natural gas in the world. Europe is dependent on Russian oil and gas for its energy supplies to a great extent.

Europe has not many options in case of natural gas supply. The US, Russia and Iran are among the top 3 countries which produce ...

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US lashes out sanction at Indian firm after entry of Iran in SCO : trouble for India

The SCO summit was conducted in Uzbekistan recently. During this summit, held from 15 to 16th September in Samarkand, Iran became the latest country to acquire membership of SCO.

Shanghai Cooperation Organization has 8 permanent members which are Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Taj...

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Iran burning over hijab: death toll crossed 75

Iran is experiencing wide scale protests and unrest all over the country. Firings, destroyed government assets, hoardings, shouting crowd on road, women holding placards and posters against the government are common visuals from Iran since few days. Police are using all their power and measures t...

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At SCO, What Putin told Modi about war with Ukraine?

Shanghai Cooperation Organization or SCO is a crucial organization in the scenario where the world is deeply divided between the US and Russia. Indian diplomacy is getting tested from different summits and groupings. Each and every move if India is being watched closely by the world. In this tens...

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Top Stories

Fire at Pune Sanitizer Firm: Full Report and More About Maharashtra Fires

On Monday, a chemical factory in the Urawade area of Pune, Maharashtra, caught massive fire in the sanitiser production unit. The local fire department reported that the fire broke out at 5 pm on 7 June 2021, and at least 37 employees were present...

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Israel - Palestine Conflict: The Cease-Fire May Reach Soon

Even though the fighting between Israel and Palestine continues, which has already killed at least 12 in Israel and 227 in Gaza, the world leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden, are intensifying their calls to end the conflict.


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History of Israel-Palestine Bloodshed Conflicts

The recent Israel-Palestine conflict has renewed the interest of many in the region. It is essential to know the conflicted history that the country has been tainted with to understand the present situation.

In the Middle East, Israel is...

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Hong Kong halted the Air India flight till October 3rd due to covid-19 on board

Hong Kong halted the Air India flight till October 3rd due to covid-19 on board.

Hong Kong has banned Air India flights from Sunday to October 3 after a few passengers on its flight on Friday tested positive for COVID-19 post arrival, a ...

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China is creating territorial dispute in South and East China Seas, as well as along its border with India and Bhutan: Pentagon

China has been using “coercive” tactics in pursuit of territorial and maritime claims in the South and East China Seas, as well as along its border with India and Bhutan, according to a Pentagon report.

China has been fa...

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Kerala plane crash: 17 dead as Air India plane skids off the tabletop runway

On late Friday evening, August 8, an Air India Express ‘Vande Bharat Mission’ flight IX-1344 with 191 people on board, crashed at Karipur Airport in Calicut, also known as Kozhikode, a city in the southern st...

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Love story to brew up in Big Boss 16 and Salman Khan to play the key role

Umar slashes biased behavior of Big Boss

Big Boss 16 has created a buzz amongst the fans once again. This season has continued to be one of the most entertaining seasons of Big Boss. Season 16 is highly dramatic as all th...

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Vaishali Takkar suicide: ex-boyfriend will unravel the truth

Famous TV show actress Vaishali Takkar has shook the industry with her suicide.

Who was Vaishali Takkar?

Vaishali Takkar is a well known name for Hindi TV serials. She got fame by serial 'Sasural Simar Ka' in which...

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Kartik Aryan to Karan Johar, this week Bollywood is in the news not just because some people are on the mission to boycott

Kartik Aryan denied an offer of 9 Cr?

Bhool Bhulaiya 2 actor Kartik Aryan is again in the news and this time not for his film but for a good deed. Fans are pouring their hearts for Kartik this time because he denied an off...

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Priyanka is back to work after the MMS Video incident

Famous Bhojpuri actress Priyanka Pandit was in controversy a few days back due to her viral MMS. Her private video went viral on social media. Later the Bhojpuri actress clarified that someone has made this fake video to defame her...

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Akshara is going bounce back in Bhojpuri cinema

Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh is going to release her latest songs with her co-star Khesari Lal on the upcoming Valentine's Day. A teaser of this song will be released on 3rd February. Akshara Singh had also taken part in the famous show Big ...

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The 'Nightingale of India', 'Voice of Millenium' and 'Queen of Melody' Lata Mangeshkar

A voice that will live forever

The ‘Nightingale of India’, ‘Voice of Millenium’ and ‘Queen of Melody’ Lata Mangeshkar left every...

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How To Advance, Improve & Expand Your Leadership Skills In The Nursing Sector

Whether you are looking to advance and expand your skills of leadership within your professional, working life or perhaps instead are wanting to become generally more assertive and competent in your personal life, you will be overjoyed to learn th...

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Is Corona coming back in a deadlier form?

The world has not yet reopened properly, economies are still struggling to get back on track. Speculations show that economies might recover by the end of 2022. Meanwhile, the pop-up of a new virus to which WHO has tagged as &lsquo...

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Doomsday is Very near Now

Recently, a report on climate published by IPCC has raised tensions and United Nation General Assembly has called it – “code red” for humanity. Scientists across the globe have shown concerns about the upcoming climate change.

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Humanity Has Hit a New Low: Fake Vaccination Drives Conducted Around Cities Like Kolkata and Mumbai

Humanity hit a new low when reports of fake vaccination drives being conducted in posh areas of Metropolitan cities began to crop up. In fact, things got worse when the first to detect the fake Covid Vaccination Drive in Kolkata was Trinamool Cong...

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How was China involved in the spread of COVID-19 Virus from the beginning?

Since the first emergence of the COVID-19 virus, all eyes have been on China in dissecting their role in spreading the virus. There have been many investigations, including governmental, international, and independent, to look into this issue. The...

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Is Wuhan, China the origin of the Covid-19 Virus: Know all about the lab leak hypothesis

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started in December 2019, the theory regarding its origin has been a matter of great speculation in International news. Early on, it was believed that the virus originated from a wet market in Wuhan, China. Since then, ...

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